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Bonus from dwarf lilly bulb?

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I purchased a dwarf lilly bulb from the Co-op a while ago, and it sprouted as expected. However, the plant kind of detached from the bulb so while the plant is look GREAT, I was curious to see what happened with the bulb. My understanding was that the plant grew out of the bulb pretty much still attached/growing out of it. I kept the bulb around and I am seeing some growth, although there looks to be a bit of white fuzz as well (from what I've read this is normal.) Is is normal for the bulb to sort of pop out a plant separate from the bulb? Or do they usually grow out of the bulb, still attached and using that as the new... uh, node? Rhizome? What have your experiences been?

I absolutely love the color and height of this plant, will be excited if I get a second bonus plant out of it.



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I would plant the bulb partially into the substrate, it will still continue to grow for you. Plants can detach from the bulb and continue to grow. Normally the plant stays attached to the bulb, you got a bonus. :) 



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I have a dwarf Lily in my 75 that sort of grew a smaller part on the side of it and I cut it off and planted it and it is a fully thriving lily just with a tiny tiny bulb and it's been about 6 months and it appears as my lily is doing it again but I can't know for sure until I uncover where it is attached. But yes this is relatively normal just not as prevalent it seems from not hearing it anywhere else. I also found a whole new bulb in my tank and have no idea where it came from lol

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