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Stupidly tiny snail


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First I should admit that I am a hypocrite because everytime I see a post on "what kind of snail is this?" I would roll my eyes and haughtily chide the poster (in my mind) for a) not knowing or b) caring (because what difference does it make?) So, yeah hypocrite because I want to know what snails these are. 😅

I bought some plants a while ago from the Co-op and since I have a stable breeding colony of assassin snails, I pretty much add plants with impunity because I'm certain the assassins will take care of business. However, these snails are apparently too small for them to be bothered. They don't get any bigger than what is pictured, and I have to assume from their population in the tank that they are reproducing at this size. They look like Malaysian trumpet snails to me, but usually those guys get bigger. I dont think they are tiny assassins because I didn't see them prior to adding the new plants. Perhaps my assassins are killing anything that gets bigger, but they can already breed at such a tiny size??? But then I would expect the tiny assassins to get 'em. Thoughts?

First pic shows assassin on the right/center for scale, you can see one of the tiny buggers on the left.

(And I promise to try to be less judgey of snail questions lol)



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