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Guppies keep swimming into CO2 Drop Checker

Marnol D

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I have the Seachem Glass checker to monitor my CO2 levels within my tank. For some reason my guppies keep swimming into it, making it into the bulb/ball and getting stuck(4th time now but managed to save this one before it was to late). Would adding a screen or mesh screen to the opening mess with the accuracy of the checker? Or does anyone have another checker they use that they enjoy? I really like the look and ease of the seachem checker because its completely glass (the suction cup could be smaller and less noticeable), but give me recommendations for some other drop checkers y'all enjoy!

Or is there a pamphlet to give to my guppies to teach them about the harm of swimming into the drop checker?

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I’m not familiar with CO2 systems but I do know that if you use a mesh it CANNOT be metal or certain kinds of plastic. I recommend siliconing a cotton mesh like cheese cloth to the opening, just ensure it has no additives.

See what @ARMYVET , @Keeg, and @Streetwise think. I’m pretty sure they all use Co2.

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If you want to maintain a checker, go with @CT_ type.

But truth is, they aren't the greatest, and I would use the pH drop method to really set CO2 levels.

You want to measure a 1 to 1.5pH drop from degassed water to peak injection. Take a sample of your water and let it sit for 24 hours. PH it. That's your degassed measurement, then pH the tank when injection has been running for at least 2 hours. 

My degassed is 7 to 6.8pH, my peak injection is a 5.1 to 5.3pH. 

A one point drop puts you right at 30ppm. But you will see you can push more as other influences lower pH too. So get to 1pH drop, then if you push any more, definitely watch your fish for any problems.

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