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Is she/he healthy enough to go into community tank or still need to be in quarantine tank?


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This Cory is the one that had anchor worm when I received the cory from Aquatric arts.
When I received 7 of them, some had messed up top fin/tail and some had anchor worm... . Company told me fin that were messed up is due to shiping and no worries and clean  water and almond leaves would do the trick.
Did not sounded like serious issue then.
I think worm is gone for this particular one and she/he eats well. And top fin damage got fixed up (shape wise) via double dose of stress coat,and clean water (I usually do water change 7 days per time but I did once in 3-4 days regime for water change ).
I treated worm with cyro pro and just in case, I also dosed general cure after 1 week break from the last dose of cyro pro.
However, is she/he good enough to be transferred into the community tank?
Someone in the cory group on facebook said this one might got beginning of columnari.. I do not see the fuzz on mouth nor ring /patch around the body but..this one has columnari??
The area where tail and body connects, I see red line.. The cory supposed to have it?If not, what is causing it?
Also, top and side fin edge and tail top edge bottom edge itself is not as transparent as panda cory I got in the community tank.Cory can look like that ?
I have panda cory in the community tank but still beginner keeper for the cory.
Any advice is appreciated.Thank you.
PS;I took vieo as well but not sure how to upload the video into this post....


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I see nothing wrong with this fish, it can go into the community tank, but raise the temps of all of your tanks to 85 degrees and keep it there to prevent diseases. The place where the tail (Caudal) fin meets the fishes body is called the Caudal Peduncle, the red line you see is normal, no cause for alarm. This looks like a Leopard Cory and it is a male. To condition your fish for breeding, give them a variety of foods to mimic what they would find in the wild. I give all of my fish a quality flake food one day, Bloodworms the next day, Bug Bites for small tropical fish the next day, then I'll feed them frozen Brine Shrimp a day later, then I'll feed them pureed nightcrawlers, and then I'll start all over the next day. I feed these once a day and at night I'll drop a couple of algae wafers into the tank. If a balanced diet works for us, it will work for our fish.

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On 11/7/2021 at 6:58 PM, Colu said:

Theres a  something in the pictures but it could be a reflection  of the Cory's scales I would leave him for another week in Qarantine after week he has not signs of disease should be fine to go in your other tank

@Gator@Colu Thank you for the reply. @Gator, this cory is Violet cory. @Colu, corydras facebook group people said they see his tail is clamped and covered with white slime ..thus this cory got columnaris.... What do you see in the pic? You said you see something..

Some say columnaris would not be seen on tail and fins and appear on body;white patches/saddle and does not see it as columnaris although some suggested to keep an eye on...and keep him in the container for another week or so and if acting normal and see nothing, let him go into the community tank.

I understand that columnaris are very scary disease and contagious so I am bit scared ..

If I show everyone video I took, it might give you more ideas but when I try to upload the video,it says size is too big so cannot process. Are there anyway I can upload video on this site?

Thank you.

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I tried with anti biotic but he passed.... Partly, the guppy I put together for fin rot issue (I put them in together because all of them will be treated with antibiotic anyway) and guppy's fin re grow and fixed up but Cory passed partly because guppy kept bullying him.... Maybe next time, I will separate species even to treat with same med..

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