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Stocking a 26 gallon Bow Front


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So I am in the process of setting up a 26 gallon bow front.  This tank is a little tall so I'd like fish in all levels. I was thinking of:

6- silver hatchet fish

6- rummy nose tetras

6- pygmy Cory's

1- dwarf gourami

And once the tank get established, some snails and maybe some shrimp. 

What should I add first? Second? Etc? 

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Assuming the tank is cycled when you start adding. If I were to do this I would do any algae eaters/bottom feeders last. I'd probably put the potentially notoriously "sickly" fish in first OR the fish LESS likely to need a seasoned tank- some kind of require that. I see a lot of posts about rummy nose being sensitive so if they're the ones I'd let them settle in in case for some reason they go sideways on me and I need to treat the tank (haven't done much research on hatchets so no idea what their weak points are, but very cool fish). Then I'd go for the next fish, if it were the rummies first then the hatchets. Settle in. Then the bottom feeders because I'd guess by this point the tank is good to go for them (including at some point the shrimp). Then the Gourami. Center piece fish last, as some of them can be jerks. If you add them last they don't feel quite as territorial with the newcomers.  

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