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Who Eats Hair Algae?


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There have been lots of conversations about algae: how to control it, how to get rid of it, how to intentionally grow it, how to identify which kind it is, and how to kill it🤫

I have a nerite who prefers to dine on hair algae, and will go on hunger strikes if I don't provide a sufficient amount. So I am trying to find the balance between growing enough.... and not too much 🤪

Meanwhile, I discovered that one of the ramshorns appears to get almost drunk eating the algae?

Is there anything I need to be aware of? @Guppysnail I have seen food comas before, but this snail has stayed attached to the same chunk of hair algae for 3 days (I should have gotten a picture the first day), eating while laying on its back yesterday (blurry image) and on its side today....like the hair algae was the world's longest spaghetti noodle and the snail slowly ate it all gone....


<sorry for the blurry picture, camera couldn't pick a subject: rock, cholla, golfball sized hair algae 'fluff', or snail>


Maybe his name is Tramp🤔


Hair algae is almost all gone😳


Houdini doing his part, cleaning the algae off the glass.

This is about the same sized and type mass the ramshorn went to work on... on Tuesday. 

What's the oddest reaction you have seen after one of your wet pets ate algae?

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I have never kept ramshorns. But I do know when mine really chow on veggies they will actually close up and sleep in the food dish for a day on top of the veggie if there is any left 🤣. Sometimes mine don’t venture far from the food dish for a few hours. Maybe it just realized it found an all you can eat buffet that was super yummy 🤷‍♀️  Hair algae grows on the roots of my pothos. My snails don’t touch it but my guppies play tug of war with it and if it breaks loose they go jetting backwards. Outside of that I either don’t grow much algae except diatom from my source water or I grow a ton and my 🐷 piggies eat it before I see it 🤣 Houdini is looking super cute. Say hi to Pebbles and Watson for me 👋 

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