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Mystery snails dead/asleep/hibernating??

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Ive had a mystery snail in my tank for about 2 months. For about 2/3 weeks I havent seen him move. I feed him alage wafers 3 times a week but ive stopped since I noticed he was just in his shell. He might be moving at night cause most mornings his shell is moved in some different position. I tried smelling his shell cause I heard that their shells would smell if they were dead. But it just smelt like nothing. I havent found a clear answer on whether or not mystery snails hibernate. The tank is heated and has lemon tetras in it. I'm not sure if its something to do with ph level in the tank because we added crushed coral to it cause originally the ph was acidic (6.3) and it was raised to 7 which is neutral. I'm not sure whats happening with him. Is it something to do with winter or that warm water makes mystery snails more active? Please help!!

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On 11/4/2021 at 11:50 AM, Wingman12r said:

Are your tetras nippers? I've had mystery snails that only came out at night when they were with more aggressive stock. I've also had them do that just because.

I've seen them chase eachother a few time but never actually hurt eachother. Nor have any of them tried to hurt/nip at the mystery snail.

On 11/4/2021 at 12:02 PM, anewbie said:

They do not hibernate; they can 'sleep' but then we are talking hours not days or weeks. Is his shell closed tight or is it loose. If loose then he is likely dead.

His shell is closed tight. I've never seen his body hanging out of his shell or anything like that. I might put an algae wafer in the tank to try and see if he'd come out of his shell for that.

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He may be hibernating as others said. They sleep in segments for hours at a time. Also if he is moving at night and not finding food it may prolong his sleeping as they will sleep more to conserve energy. Place food near him and in his usual spot at night so he still has access to it if he wants it. Best of luck I hope he improves. 

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