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Isolated but Not Alone in Central MN

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Hi all, I am a newcomer to the fish hobby as of COVID. I had some fish as a child, we went through a phase where we had a 75 gallon and various other tanks with guppies and other common tropical fish in them, up until Mom got sick of the maintenance and rehomed. I tried again a few years ago with the classic Sad Betta in a Cup, failed horribly due to complete unawareness of this nitrogen cycle thing (definitely NOT in my child's guide to guppies).

COVID hit and I wasn't sure if I wanted a lizard, fish, another dog, or what but I knew my office needed some companionship. I watched most of Clint's Reptiles and moved onto Aquarium Coop and decided since I had cats, fish were the safer choice. I bought a used 20 gallon for $50 and it came with 2 angels, 1 CAE, and 2 each of 3 kinds of tetras (red eye, black skirt, serpae). Rehomed the angels for guppies, got a pea puffer in a nano tank, and graduated up to uuh, let's say many more tanks and growing. We also ended up with an extra kitten and puppy so... more life, more fun! 

Other hobbies include keeping plants alive and laser-cutting. Trying to work at some collaboration between the three, currently experimenting with hydroponic trays that sit over aquariums. 

In my bill-paying life I work at a digital marketing agency. My history is in web design/web project management, my current role is finance/tech/strategy/fix things that break. Happy to help if anyone happens to need advice in that realm, I've seen most of the ways your Google My Business listing can go wrong and I've even solved a few of them. 







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