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29 Gallon Apistogramma Tank

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So the "female", definitely a male lol. He's colored up nicely in the last week and has also spent a few hours in and out of the cave with what I'm hoping is for sure a fire gold female.. she has been sticking to the cave a lot ever since so hoping there's some fertilized eggs in there ! Also the tank has really started growing in and im loving it ! 20211206_195836.jpg.e38f2b59057c63084a33f3f16fa7e6e3.jpg20211206_195825.jpg.dc7b74cfd9a7db40915a3c773d888c22.jpg20211206_195957.jpg.a8a371a336c8309d2497b1f8604e052e.jpg20211206_200008.jpg.35decf425226839d47130a1491f60e6b.jpg20211206_200124.jpg.791f9204fcc479a119bec590747f5e86.jpg20211206_200135.jpg.c0e6f7ab0190710b5b561f9c0670b054.jpg20211206_200202.jpg.b14b80b2dc59cb1835ddc55e15857455.jpg

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