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Help with ich and oto discoloration


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I made the mistake of adding otos to my 10 gallon betta aquarium without quarantining them. The otos ended up having ich so I have been treating with ich x for the past 8 days (1 tsp every 24 hours with 30% water changes). The fish look a lot better but some of the otos still have a few spots on their fins and body. I thought ich x would be able to fully treat ich within a week and now I'm worried that this treatment may not be enough. I also don't want to treat this tank too long because I've heard this medication could be dangerous. Do you guys have any advice on what I should do?

Also some of my otos are developing white patches on their head behind their eyes and I am unsure what this is. I attached a picture of one of the otos. Could this be caused by the ich or medication? What is it? Thanks for your help.

oto - Copy.jpg

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