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Hello there, from Tokyo! (Originally from Hawaii~)

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Hello all!

My name is Steven Chong-- found my way here from the Youtube channel and wanting to say hi! I live in Tokyo, but originally come from the United States, my home state is Hawaii. But I still represent the US in the International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest, with competitive planted aquarium design being my main hobby.



This is my tank from this year, but in the last 3 years I have been fortunate enough to find myself in the top world rankings. I look forward to making a simple journal thread, and meeting many of you. Take it easy! 😄

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6 hours ago, Tetra Guy said:

Amazing!!! Those contest entries and the Amano books are what inspired me back into the hobby after almost 30 years.  Hope to hear more about your experience in competitive aquascaping. Very interesting to have an insiders view. 

Thank you! Yup, definitely a niche world-- feel free to ask anything about the contest.

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