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Brown Translucent Java?


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Bought several plants a couple months ago. Went through a cycling bloom, then a diatrom bloom and were good. But in the last 2 weeks they have started turning yellow, and translucent and leaves dying off. I supplement 1-2x each week with Aq Co-op all in one fertilizer (which is what I believe spiked the diatroms), and just not sure what is causing this. Any insight and help would be greatly appreciated. I don’t want to loose any of my plants.


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Thank you everyone! Hopefully it’s just the conversion. For having the plant for over a month I would have expected it to happen sooner and I have been following the dosing with the 3-4 pumps each week for my 35 gallon (aside from doubling it each week). I bought some substrate fertilizer pills, and some new plants for my other tank and will test out which works better. Saturdays are my hobby day, so I will take your advice and trim the dying leaves to repurpose energy into the new grow and fertilize twice a week. 

I haven’t broken out the full water test kit, but my quick test kit is showing 25 mg/L.

I also changed the light setting just in case the white light power was too much. 

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On 10/31/2021 at 11:23 PM, lefty o said:

it looks like that sword is converting to submerged growth. the wider outer leaves are melting off, the newer leaves in the center are skinny and long.

Ehhhhhh I disagree. Those look like already submerged growth to me, compared to my sword plant. I'd say that it's adjusting to his water parameters with the normal expected melt. The leaf structure of my (admittedly ragged due to excessive plantlets) sword looks pretty identical.


Shana, I'd say with a few root tabs and continuing to dose ferts, the plant should bounce back. It looks like a possible iron or phospate deficiency.  

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Phantom240, Are those Swords climbing up the vertical part of your tank?!?! The plants look incredible. 

Thank you Ogpulcha and Phantom, I bought some root tabs and am getting them in the tank today during the water change.

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