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Corydoras flesh is white and peeling. Please help!


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I have a planted community tank where everything, but my Corydoras are thriving. My Corys have greatly lost their color and have a white hue. It looks like layers of their skin is flaking off. Whatever this is seems to be slowly progressing from Cory to Cory and each Cory worsens daily.

I treated my tank for Ich about a month and a half ago. I had to dose for close to a month and did multiple water changes. It was towards the end of the treatment that I began noticing the discoloration and for the past couple of weeks it has been worsening. 

I've been treating with API Melafix for almost a week now with no signs of improvement. 




This Cory in the next picture has (what I assume is the same thing) by far worst and unique from what I've seen on any of my other Corys.


pH 6.8

Nitrates 20

Hardness 150

Nitrites 0


KH/Buffer 40

Temperature 78

My Tetra test strips don't show for Amonia.

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I could be wrong but it might be their slime coat shedding. This could be an after effect of the meds and stress. It might also have something to do with Ammonia, I'd really advise you to buy a liquid ammonia test when you can- this is probably one of the most important water parameters we need. Plus, after medicating a tank this can sometimes kill your cycle and ammonia would be the first to come into that. 

I would personally stop the Melafix. If anything I might use API Stress Coat it has aloe in it and might sooth some of that. 

I hope others take a look here and see anything I might be missing, there's lots of Corycat keepers here. 

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First off you should stop with the MELIFIX, Pemifix, stress coat.they are ALL INEFFECTIVE MEDICATIONS.

 You should visit aquariumscience.org

 it's a great site with an extensive and comprehensive library of fish diseases and treatments.

the author's name is Dave. 
and he can be reached at dlboge2@gmail.com

This man is extremely knowledgeable about diseases and treatments

you can email  him pictures of your fish and get some very good advice.

I wish you luck, 


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