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Removing algae from sponge filter

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I've had a breeding project during summer where I used sponge filters next to a window and algae colonized the sponge filter.

I've been trying to get the algae out for a month now (dosing with Excel, washing with Oxyclean, leaving in dark room, etc.) and its still there.

Has anyone got additionnal tips/tricks I could use to clean this filter? 



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@DaveO I apologize I should have elaborated more. About 5 years ago I broke down a qt That had an old fine foam sponge filter. I had no issues in qt and was out of peroxide. To lazy to go get more…. I boiled a pot of water removed it from the stove and dropped sponge, base, plastic cage, and uplift tube in and finished breaking down the qt. When I came back it was cooled. The cage and uplift tube cooled very warped and misshapen.  The sponge sort of melted but not quite. It just was not right afterwards. So I was conveying it did not end well for the filter 🪦 RIP. Hope that clears any confusion. 

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Thank you all for your helpful suggestions, here's the rundown of what I did and the ensuing result.

1. First thing I did was total blackout in clean tap water. Algae survived more than a week without a dent.

2. Following suggestions, I let the sponge dry out completely and then rise. Did this 3 times but the algae lived on. Tried to brush it off when it was dried but the algae was well encrusted into the sponge and that didn't do much.

3. Finally decided to get some hydrogen peroxide. Did one bath of approximately diluted H2O2, let it sit for a few hours, rinsed. Algae was still there and I was somewhat discouraged. Decided to do another soak in diluted H2O2 and let it go for a day or two. After I did a rinse while massaging the sponge filter, rinsed it out again and now it's super clean.

Thank you to everyone who provided some advice! Hope this thread helps someone else in the future.



On 11/3/2021 at 7:41 AM, Rich B said:

Curious ..... Anyone ever tried boiling water? 

I have tried very hot water (not boiling, was worried it would damage the sponge) and it was still in and on the sponge.

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On 11/12/2021 at 10:05 AM, Guppysnail said:

I’m glad you found a solution. For future reference I find it more quickly effective on inert objects to just pour the h2o2 on directly.

I poured it directly on it and then filled up with some water. 

If this happens again in the future I'll go directly with the H2O2 and call it a day. Its super cheap too. 

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