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10 Gallon Feedback & Stocking Ideas?


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Currently cycling my 10 gallon aquarium. Let me know what you think! 

Also I need help figuring out what to stock it with. I would like to have a centerpiece fish with dither fish and a clean up crew. Currently I think I'm going to go with a powder blue gourami for the centerpiece and some kind of tetra I can breed in my slightly acidic water. For cleanup I'm thinking of getting an amano shrimp or maybe some kind of corries (thought about pygmy corydoras but I can't find any near me.)


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Hi there! Lovely rock work. I'm sure you look forward to seeing the plants grow in. I like your idea about the gourami as a centerpiece fish. Then - my opinion - I think a shoal of black neons or cherry barbs for mid-water. Finally, amano shrimp + ramshorn snails for clean up. Alternatively, you could just do the gourami and 8 or so pygmy corydoras. From what I have researched, the pygmys will inhabit both bottom and mid-water of the tank. I would probably add the amano (or 2) no matter what. Keep us updated 🙂 

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