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Fungus on eggs


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My ancistrus spawned 23 october only had them a week, the male was in his cave faning the eggs so I was just going to leave them in there. He was quite busy chasing the female away when she was trying to enter the cave on 27 october I saw a little wiggler outside the cave( see video).The next day I checked on the eggs with light and saw that the male was faning but not on the eggs and the eggs had fungus on them so I pulled the eggs and they had fungus all over them.

Is it common for the eggs to get fungus even if the male is in the cave all the time just leaving when chasing unwanted guests?

Is it possible the male was faning in the cave just not on the eggs ?

Can fungus happen over night? Or was this lone wiggler just lucky to have escaped the fungus

Should I pull them next time if I want big hatch rate or does it take a few spawns for the dad to get it right?

Any advice appreciated



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I’m on my 5 th spawn and allowed 3 to hatch. None fungused. Dad even ate food I put in front of the cave. Maybe it’s a first time dad issue?  If they are happy they will spawn every month so I hope that makes you feel better. If you are concerned maybe heavy vac and excess water changes just before laying and during the incubation period if you want to let dad try again before going the pull to incubate route. 
I also have my cave angled so the flow enters the cave assisting dad in fanning. 

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