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Bonjour from Québec, Canada

Karen B.

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I am new in the hobby - I was looking for something to distract me from my chronic disease and reduce my anxiety. Turns out that now I have one more thing to be anxious about... my fish! Ask Candi if you have any doubts! (I did become a member as a way to say thank you for her patience).

I love water, I used to scuba dive, my favorite animal has always been the orca - so aquarium are just a pure joy for me. It’s a bit complicated as I am immunosuppressed and must avoid any contact with fish water (poop = risk of salmonella) but I still manage to enjoy keeping them (with my oversized rubbed gloves that go all the way up to my shoulders).

I don’t know anyone locally that enjoy or keep fish, so I am looking forward to make friends here to talk about fish.

I currently have a 20 gallons high with 9 white cloud minnow and 3 dwarf mexicain crayfish (cpo). I have a 10 gallons cycling too - for guppies or platies, I can’t quite make up my mind yet! All with plastic plants because... I don’t like plants. Please don’t ban me! Hehe. Now I know Cory will never ever speak to me! Plants don’t like me either - I was attacked by my dead cactus... I have yet to fully recover 🤪

My next dream aquarium would be a 40 gallons breeder. Planted this time, with a bunch of false julii cory, 4 honey gourami, 1 apisto and 1 bolivian ram. And a schooling fish that I have yet to figure out (maybe green or black neon tetra?)

I live in Québec, Canada, which means I can’t order anything from Aquarium Co-op and it makes me very, very sad. Even more annoying because Cory is such a good seller (x-treme food anyone?). And the stickers... 😍

It also means we do not have access to fish medication here. If you want to be able to give something to your fish, it must be prescribed by a vet. I kid you not. I have a hard time thinking that bringing my fish in a ziploc bag at the vet is yet the best way to go to treat him but... 🤷🏻‍♀️

Here are few pictures. Please no hate for the plastic plants, someone ranted 4 days straight about it on FB already. Thank you!







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I think your tanks look lovely. I especially love the white cloud tank. Artificial plants have come sooooo far since I started my first tank almost two decades ago now? Yikes. 

I happen to like live plants but I am an avid gardener and more plants is more plants as far as I am concerned, but I also know they aren't for everyone. I'm sorry someone was nasty to you about it. In the end they are your tanks and whatever makes you happy and makes you enjoy the hobby is what you should do. Im glad this is a supportive and helpful community without the negative Nellie's and nastyness.


Also, since I haven't said it yet, welcome!



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