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Guppies in brackish water


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So I have a 40 breeder with random fancy guppies and cory cats. for 6 months now the guppies breed and some adults die, some fry die, but the corys just breed and breed and never die. So I set up a brackish tank at 1.005-1.006 for figure 8 puffers and mollies. I took a scoop of fry and put them in there just to see how they'd do and they are the most healthy colorful, fastest growing fry i've had so far during this six week experiment. Anyone else have any stories of guppies in brackish? My Oregon water is super soft and i know guppies like the harder water and minerals but I am really surprised at how great they are doing compared to fresh...as a side not the mollies haven't stopped breeding for two months in there either and when the were in fresh water they were far less prolific...just a cool experimet that has my mind blown.

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