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Dedicated to making a good scape. Apisto 29 gallon

Kyle murfitt

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Sooo really wanna dedicate this new tank to mainly plants and a scape that I'm happy with from the start.

29 gallon will be stocked with 1 male and 3 female double red Agassizi, 6-10 tetras, and 5 otocinclus .

Plants : two Amazon swords, Dwarf sagittaria background. Micro sword in the foreground . May add some cryps. 

Finnex stingray 30", small aco sponge filter and magniflow canister filter .

Black blast sand with planted substrate underneath and all black rocks. 

Getting impatient for the stand to come in and just wanted to share lol. Let me know if yall have any recommendations or input thanks !

Ps. After layering sand and gravel as I scape hoping only the top 2/3rds of the rock will be exposed and I can have hidden caves along with plants creep over edges of the rock






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You have rocks with similar shapes textures, colors, and plan on caves and crevices.  You are already halfway home!  A taller centerpiece rock or two may be in order.  I've seen far two many pictures where the carefully lain out hardscape gets lost in the weeds 

Take a walk to the nearest woods, creek or stream to see how nature does it. Even if you can't draw, a sketch pad may help in the design stage.

I can usually plan on changing the layout 3 times before i get it "right".

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