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Starting a fish room within a fish room

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Having a fish room full of African cichlids made having grow out tanks pretty important so I made a grow out setup in another room. When I was trying to take these pictures I stepped back into the unused closet...



Then I thought to myself, why have a closet in my fish room? For all the fishes outfits? The result was me starting this.


And now my fish room has a baby fish room. The bottom 2 shelves are spaced to accommodate 30B's. Once I source a couple I will have an extra 60 gallons for fry and another 90 for juveniles. And I no longer have to move fish between rooms now.

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54 minutes ago, pedrofisk said:

Take it a step further and why have a bed? Just hang a hammock between racks! 😁

Nice to see a fellow poker fan too.

Technically it's the "guest room" and I kinda like napping with the fish or stretching out to watch stuff my wife doesn't like (like Poker or fish videos). But I'm trying to get rid of the queen size and replace with a twin xl. Extra 20" of room would make working on the bottom tanks easier and give a better view of them.

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I have a similar setup where my “guest room” is also my fish/gecko room. I’d love to ditch the bed but my rent agreement won’t let me 😅. Me and my gf live together in a 2 bed 2 bath and they wouldn’t let us just have one bed. I’ve definitely debated moving the mattress and using the bed frame as a stand before though... and now I definitely will be putting a hammock in my Fishroom when I have a house though.

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12 minutes ago, Kriskm said:

@Mr. Ed's AquaticsA room full of African cichlids would be a dream come true for me! And I like the sprinkle of plants in the tanks. Do you have lots of interest in the fry? That's a problem around here in the Seattle area--not many fans anymore. 

I am a huge cichlid fan and have started the breeding process because @Cory  inspired me to start a business that I'm passionate about. While it's true, there is difficulty getting quality African cichlids in the Seattle area. I have been looking into demand and I believe there is a market here that is severely underserved. 

So, along with designing, servicing and possibly renting beautiful African cichlid display tanks, I've been importing and breeding many species that used to be staples in Washington but have become increasingly difficult to source here and with no shipping out of Africa now, it's a sellers market atm.

So far I've only provided fish to my clients, but I have been looking for a LFS to partner with or maybe even a website like Bob's, just minus the rainbows and plus the cichlids.

If you're a fan of shellies like multies, brevis, similis, gold ocellatus, etc. Or Tanganyikans like julies, tropheus, cips, brichardi, etc. And of course Malawi's like mbuna, aulonocara, and bigger haps... good things are coming back to Seattle. 

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6 minutes ago, Candi said:

i really like the look of the tank that has the rock "shelves" on the background. 

Thanks, that's the one I'm currently working on and I think it's coming out nicely. 

There's a hobbyist that makes those decorations out of resin and molds with magnets embedded inside so you can put them however you like. He has several different molds and has a few different colors/looks. Pretty sure he's on Ebay (seller boe617) if you want to check out what else he makes.

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