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Just wanted to brag


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I started this hobby about a year ago still enjoy taking care of my fish. It so relaxing to just sit and watch them go about there business. Just wanted to throw up some pics of my tanks. I have 3 different tanks 5gal, 20gal, 30 gal. I have dozens of guppies, some black platties, some kind of a tiger barb fish that has green scales when it turns which is pretty cool. 3 blue Gouramis, 1 honey Gourami, a Kuhli Loach, which I never see, 3 angle fish for population control and a 10 inch pleco some red fish I think is a red plattie. I almost forgot there is a African dwarf frog in the small mushroom tank. I don't know if I have a pic of him. 












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forgot to add my frog
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On 10/26/2021 at 9:40 PM, xXInkedPhoenixX said:

Nice tanks! Nice to have a hobby that has so many rewards isn't it? 🙂

so nice i NEED 7 OF THOSE TOGER LOOKING FISH.hehe NOW opps sorry

On 10/29/2021 at 8:38 PM, scott the fishman said:

so nice i NEED 7 OF THOSE TOGER LOOKING FISH.hehe NOW opps sorry

ohh and the wood in your tanks so epic!

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