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Tiny Spots on Tank

Stephanie K

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Hi everyone,

I’ve found a lot of helpful information on this forum and I’m looking for some guidance.

I left town for about a week and came back to find these on our aquarium wall by the top of the water. I tried to find some kind of identification for these tiny brown specks in our tank, but the closest I could find looked like a parasite so I’m concerned. We have some copepods in our tank, but these do not seem to move.

Some background of our tank:

5 gallon

Ph: 8.0

Ammonia: 0 ppm

Nirtrite: 0 ppm

Nitrate: 5 ppm

Filtered (no chemical)

Heated to approximately 79 F

1 Betta fish

1 Nerite snail

Weekly water test (with API Freshwater kit) & change


We’d really appreciate any help or advice you have as to what they are and how we can get rid of these if we need to!


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Hi @Stephanie K I'm not sure there's anything there to be concerned about just on first glance.You also didn't mention anything else of concern to me. Do they move (meaning are they animal or plant)? If you took your finger and swiped at them do they go away? My first thought is it might be some type of algae and answer each of those questions. If they didn't move and I was easily able to manually remove the spots with my finger it's probably algae and I'd give the glass a good cleaning. They could be more near the top because access to light is better. If they move and act more like an insect/animal/parasite others might have experience with them. A lot of living things you find in your tank can be very harmless but always nice to know what it is, right? 🙂 

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Hi @xXInkedPhoenixX, thanks so much for your reply! Agreed, it’s nice to know. 😊

To answer your questions: I took a small silicone scraper and was able to remove them from the tank walls with ease. What I thought was odd was they kept their shape after I removed them (they didn’t smudge or seem soft like algae). But they didn’t seem to move at all, either. 


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