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Hello From Arizona

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I thought it time to say 'Hello".

I've read these forums for a while now, watched just about EVERY YT video Cory & the Co'Op push out and figured I'd say how much
I appreciate all of your posts/vids etc.. +1 community... I learn a lot from you all !

I'm currently running (4) tanks, (4) vivariums, I raise meal worms, crickets, springtails and (3) species of isopods (rolly poly).
The tanks house a rescued pair of feeder goldfish, which are about 6" long and spoiled, some Mollies as well as Bettas & Guppies. oh and a 10g full of Pink Ram Horn Snails mixed w/ Pond snails, which I feed to my ghost shrimp.. The kid at the LFS gave me 25 ghost shrimp last year, they mark them under 'Feeder Shrimp' and he said they don't sell so take some.. Well ok, FREE is always good and an excuse to buy more tanks πŸ™‚

Back in the day, early 90's, I used to breed a lot of fish/snails insects etc. back when the internet consisted of running down to a local store and snagging a few AOL disks to get free times on the internet, yada yada.. So obviously, there wasn't much of an online community, other than looking up old friends from school etc.. So I sold a lot to a LFS, in return I would get food/supplies etc.

>> FFW to today and I'm finding myself back into the hobby. Found one of ACO vids on YT and was hooked.. I've recently moved up into the mountains here in Arizona, so finding anything is next to impossible. We have 1 LFS and I'm not paying double/triple the price of things, so I like to toss my $$ over Corys way and support the online community with my $$ that i know appreciate my business.
Speaking of orders, I've got another order from the Co'Op on it's way up to me, and I don't know what I'm more excited about... The food for my fry/fish or the Sticker !! It's almost an obsession now w/ me.. Order something from the store and see which stickers I get, like old school baseball card collection(s). πŸ™‚ anyway..

I'm in no way an expert on ANYthing, thus me lurking here and looking up things on the go.. SO again, I appreciate the community and just figured I'd FINALLY jump in and say HI.. So Hi and maybe you'll see me in a thread or two.. or asking more questions than one should..

Have a wonderful Day/Night.. and again.... Awesome community w/ a wealth of information beyond my expectations !


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