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my new medaka tub update


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I'm starting a new thread here because the original title stopped making sense.

For those of you not familiar with my old thread, I had about 50 medaka juveniles in a 3g bin with 2g of water in it, and needed to move them into a bigger grow out tub.


The 2g tub was actually really easy because it was by my desk.  I just started a siphon when ever i remembered and let it drain into a tupperware until the levels evened off between the two containers (set and forget).  Likewise I just siphoned a gallon pitcher back into the tub, also set and forget.  water changing this is going to be a bit harder since I don't have a close water source and it'll probably be 5g at a time.

Here's the overview photo.  I've got some dirted pots I'm going to let settle in before I introduce them too. 



I triggered the feeder to get them to come up to the surface.  I started feeding them green water and then sera micron for the first week.  then bbs for a week or two and now I've switched to the coop fry food which is amazing for fish this size and i think should work well up to adults.  


They don't have much color yet but these are "koi" medaka.  The parents look a whole lot like what I've seen "red cap" or "orange cap", so maybe its just fancy marketing.  This is 2-3 days of spawns from 2 females.  About 5-10% of the eggs were not viable and I had the one loss, probably my fault, mentioned above.  These guys, including their parents also seem to be better eaters than my pearl galaxy's which is a relief.

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fixed photos
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On 10/28/2021 at 2:27 PM, Streetwise said:

@CT_, it must have copied and pasted links rather than images. I’m glad you got everything to show!

I think its more complicated than that because they came out as links but if i try and edit them there is no url associated.  I think it has something to do with how the forum processes rich text.  I'm often able to paste images/screenshots from the paste buffer, but this time i was pasting text and images.

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