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Recommendations for Buying 500-2000 Rummy Nose Tetra


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I like putting tons of tiny fish in massive aquariums. Does anyone have recommendations/experiences with vendors when purchasing large amounts of tiny fish at a time?

I am currently paying about 4$/ per cardinal or rummynose tetra and I would like to cut that cost significantly.

I found a vendor in California called Uncle Sams Discus and Wholesale that offers 500 Rummy Nose for 350$ Which seems insane. I can’t find many details or reviews about their wholesale side of business.

My water is moderately hard but I haven’t found any bulk sellers in Florida.



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I have bought from Aqua Huna alot but their water is soft and sensitive fish like Rummy Nose have massive casualties when they transition to hard. Also 3 day shipping seems to massively increase casualties vs UPS overnight. I currently have best success with imperial tropicals in Florida but Rummynose are 4$ each and they only stock <100 at any one time.

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There are some places near me (Florida) that may be able to fulfill your order.  The catch is they are wholesalers and will want you to be a fish store or a registered fish business/reseller/wholesaler/dealer

One you mentioned is imperial tropicals which is a farm that also sells direct to customers.

Others that are near me would be segrest farms or 5d tropical. These are huge vendors.

There is a local wholesaler near me, they dont have a website but you may be able to call them and arrange the import/shipment. His business is "quality goldfish inc" in clearwater florida.  He is very helpful and is more likely to work with you vs the big vendors.

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