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Breeding projects, refining my ideas 💡


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I’d had plans to do livebearers this winter as my breeding projects but unfortunately I’ve lost my guppies and variatus platys I was planning to breed.

I’m now going to use fish I have instead of fish I need to buy (re wife put her foot down after I spent+200 on guppies and other fish). 

My plan is to breed my cherry barbs, diamond tetras, and maybe my black phantoms or red eyes. 

I have an empty 30 gallon sterilite tub, 2 three gallon acrylic tanks and some overflow in a 10 g planted ( a single amoeca splendens), 30 g sterilite with panda corys (another breeding project) and a 27 g tote with guppies and Neocaridina. 

The 3 g acrylics started their lives as aquaponics tanks, they have tops with slits on them that I could pack with Java moss, sphagnum moss and guppy grass thinking I could then just pull the whole thing out of the 30 g tote and set them up with cycled sponges and heaters then they can just be my grow outs for the fry. C8745337-836B-459A-BB56-58F75F20C346.jpeg.0d8a398387197d2f410232d8d94e224a.jpeg
I also have an assortment of other bits and bobs I could use to set things up. I’ve thought  about setting up an under gravel sort of situation with an external box to pull the eggs up to - maybe use a 17 g tote I have my half black guppies in and put them elsewhere. Another setup I’ve seen is a mattenfilter type setup - pipe at the bottom of the mattenfilter that’s attached to the box at the bottom of the tank to pull the eggs to behind the mattenfilter. I have some good Swiss tropicals sponge I could make it out of and some t connectors I bought to make the sad bowls ugf system. 

Another option that’s super simple is this - putting all these bits in the bottom of my 30 g tote, loading it up with sphagnum moss, Java moss and guppy grass and then pulling the adults and just letting a whole bunch of barbs and tetras be raised up in there. 74322ED3-033F-402F-A8C2-034613A3B665.jpeg.590980ea436f79fc05ed6816145b4a39.jpeg

Thanks everyone for your help and expertise. 

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@FrostiesFishesmy water out of the tap is 7, kh 60-80, and gh 160-200. I’ve been thinking of using rain water and snow melt for my tetra project which I’m hoping could really change the game in terms of inducing spawning. @Atitagainthanks for the encouragement. I think my wife has a point really in terms of this project- I have the fish, the equipment, the moss and all why not?!

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