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Neon Tetras hiding on bottom of tank


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I have a 20 gallon with:

8 or 10 neons (I can't remember the exact number) 

2 black neons

2 glo tetras 

1 bristlenose pleco

The neons seem to always be hiding towards the bottom, except for feeding time. Could this be because the lack of plant coverage?

The pogo use to over run the tank until it melted back after I had the lights off to control and algae issue. 



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I would say plant cover could definitely have something to do with it. Did they come out more when the pogo was in there? What other changes have you made recently? Is that a circulator on the top left? Filter return? Water flow could be an issue. Shadows being cast on tank, moved a tv/ speaker closer, kids tapping on glass, all or none of these could be factors.

if they used to come out it’s more than likely the removal of the plants. IMO 

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