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Power strip for aquarium


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I want to get a couple of these with individual switches for each plug. Little expensive tho

CRST Heavy Duty Power Strip Surge Protector with Individual Switches 12 Outlets Power Strips with Cord Manager, 9FT, 1020J, 1875w https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0982XSQDS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_V83GZQHVYA5BVQAJ2VST

make sure get one with long cord, surge protection, gfci, USB ports especially if running nano air pumps, and spaced out outlets because it seems a lot of equipment has bulky plugs. 
I try to always hang mine.

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I always liked these monster strips because of the plug spacing allowing for the square light plugs. They have gotten monster expensive recently so the last tank I set up I got the amazon one which also has spacing and a reasonable price. I like it but the on indicator is very bright…i remedied that with electrical tape over the light. I hang my strips on the wall to ensure drip loop and in case of flooding it can’t get wet Amazon has usb ones also 





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I always get surge protect ones and I do find the ones with switches better as I can stop filters for feeding quicker. Also they tend to have a bit more space around each socket so bulky plugs and timers can be easier to accommodate.

And again positioned to ensure all the cables have drip loops

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