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Breeding beckford's pencilfish


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I got 12 pencilfish yesterday with a plan on trying to breed them. I was going to set up another smaller tank to breed them in with more plants and lower ph.

They where super chill at the store and when they got in my tank. After being  acclimated  to my tank I tried feeding them frozen cyclops and they went crazy for it. When I checked on them this morning the males where chasing each other and the females. It looked like they where spawning but I cant see any eggs. This behavior has been going on for a few hours.

I have read they only breed in soft acidic water but  my water is ph=7,8 , kh=3dkh and gh=53,7ppm. 

Could they be spawning and just eating the eggs or the eggs mostly under plant leaves where it is hard to see?

Could they spawn at this ph?

If I put in a spawning mop and find eggs could they hatch in this ph?

Any advice welcome.



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