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Platys or Mollies


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Hello. I have a question about these fish I got a while back.

I used to own some mollies and wanted more. One day I went to the store and got two new ones that were in the mollie tanks (the black-orange and white one in the pics). I only had two females and one male mollie before hand so I thought adding these two will help which it didn’t.


A female died a few weeks back and I noticed the male being more aggressive to the other female I had so I thought adding another mollie would help. I went to the store and got the green one from that same mollie tank I originally got the other two from. Adding her didn’t work either so now I’m confused if I’m confusing the platys for mollies or the store is. If anyone help clarify if my fish are platys or mollies I would really appreciate it.


Also sorry for the dirty pictures. 






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