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Return after 13 day hospital day

Brandon p

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So I got home last night and did a quick walk around. It wasnt to bad. I lost one Sterbai and a a giant patty that liver way longer that the age range you see most of the time. Then I saw that one of the angelfish pair had laid eggs and was still laying. Other than the tanks needing water changes and and clean the algae. Today I went to feed them and one of the African cichlids(post questions about in in the disease section. About the Angelfish, what do you think happened. I have an idea but want a second opinion. The are in a 40 breeder. With L333 Plecos,( which I know activelyeat meat), blue eyed brittle nose, last a few snails that I have been trying to remove. Did some think in the tank eat them or was it the parents.Any ideas would be great?



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I am going to take Dow the post. I was trying to say that I lost almost no fish. 
1. The angelfish were still laying when I got home but the when I wrote this they were gone.. In that tank I had the L333 which are from 1.5” to 2.5”, albino blue-eyed pleco and a few snails. I wantd to know if it was the angelfish eating there eggs or tanks mates. I have breed angels several times and not had that happen. I now know it was the parents because I moved them to a new tank that was set up already and plants only. They laid and ate them. 

2. I wanted an opinion on the African cichlid with the scrapes/ fungus as shown in the pic. After a few opinions on here and local fish keepers that were still here and not an hour away at the Livebear association annual meeting with the coop guys. We came to the option is was most likely scrapes. 

I ended up asking those in other post. I guess I should have waited longer after take the meds from my surgery. @Guppy Guy

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OK, now I see what you mean.

It is very possible that the angelfish ate they’re own eggs. Not all angelfish are the same, as I’ve heard of some that will care for the eggs all the time, while others eat the eggs, and still others abandon them. 

It could be the plecos, but its very unlikely. Snails won’t even touch them in my experience.

As far as the cichlid goes, it is either a scrape, or the fish is over making its slime coating. I found your other post about it, and #colu is very good with that sort of thing. He can probably take it from here in the other post.

Good luck, and I hope that you recover well.

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