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I know this is the same question others have asked, I can’t spend any more for at least a week. 
I just got home from hospital after 13 days. I just got to check the tanks. I found this fish “(pic1) it has what I believe to be fungus. It’s one of the smaller one and can get chased off a spot( pic 3). I have metronidazole,praziquantel, super ick cure, methylene blue, bactocide 1 & 2, and fritz salt. 
Do guys think it’s fungus or just scraped up. Also,of the meds I have on hand will any work.




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It looks like it's scraped it's self to me if it has a fuzzy appearance  I would treat with super ick cure  as the active ingredient is malachite green which is good for cotton wool fungus and nitrofurazone which is good.for treating dermal fungus

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It isn’t fungus unless its fuzzy. Can you tell if it is? Otherwise it is something else. Note that it won’t be super fuzzy in the early stages, but it will be there.

If its not fuzzy, I think that it is over making its slime coat. I don’t know how to fix that in cichlids, but @Colu will know.

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