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Is this a good Fluval 3.0 pro setting?

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I’ve been doing my research online and chose this pro setting for my Fluval 3.0. Just wanted a second option for my 29 gallon and I’m using NilocG Thrive C for fert.








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That looks like one of the programs from @Bentley Pascoe. I believe his baseline tank size is 40 gallons, so depending on the height of the light, and CO2 or not, you might need to scale it down.

I will generally run for 2-4 weeks, with no other tank changes, before my next lighting adjustment.

There may be scaled-down versions of this program in our community thread:


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None of your plants are light hungry; I would scale it down quite a bit BUT if you don't have an algae problem after 3 months then you can leave it be if you want. On my 29 white the same size as your aquarium:

89 red 26 blue 72 cool white 85 pure white 79 yellow:




This is a low tech aquarium (no co2); i do get a lot of cover at the top from the italia val but the small sword plant on the left behind the pinto anubia is doing well. This is a 30+ month old aquarium so well aged.

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