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If you are from MA, where do you get your plants?


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I'm trying to find some good plants.  Aquarium Co-Op been great but USPS shipping times are too long and the plants arrive in very poor shape.  Scarlet Temple I ordered are dead.  I've done 3 orders of Bacopa Carolina but again, I think I've been able to salvage like 3 plants, 1 from each shipment and I don't know if they will survive.  

All my plants are from Petco, and they seem to be doing OK.  But I want something more lush.  All I can get from Petco are Crypts, Ferns, Swords or Anubias.  But what I want are lush stem plants like Octopus or Wisteria.

Problem I'm having is the local LFS in along the east cost, none of them care for their plants.  Some do have Wisteria for example but they are such poor shape and the tanks they keep in, well frankly I'm afraid of what disease, snails, and crap they may contaminate my tank with.

Those who have had great luck, where do you source your plants?  Suggestion for a 20 gallon?  I got cherry shrimp, and 2 oto as my cleanup crew.  The bottom feeder are 4 cory and the rest are just 5 platy.  

I'm using 50 Aquaclear and a airstone just to move some water without too much current.  Eco-Complete substrate, which I regret deeply, but too late now.


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