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So, I loved Cory’s idea of repurposed fish poop water for plants and avoid waste… and huge plus, plants get sooo great on this! 
but using the no-spill system, can I collect the water? 
I feel te very wasteful. So I probably will only use it for filling and use the old fashioned for cleaning…? 
needless to say: I made a HUGE spill with the no-spill!! 
I need tips and tricks on using this, please. 
dumb it down as much as possible too. 
(I’m not dumb, but new on this) 


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Short answer siphon water and gravel vac waste into a bucket. Take bucket use on plants/ garden. Use Python to finish after you collect enough water, refill with python.

A more detailed explanation of how I set up my water changing system is in my journal that’s listed in my signature “ Atitagain Fishroom “ on page 3 there’s a couple post about it. 
Basically what you could do is when you siphon water vac waste into bucket have a pond pump in bucket with a hose that goes wherever you want. Have someone watering plants, garden, or to storage container (5G bucket up to whatever size) and you can use it at a time you want.


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Is this for house plants or an outdoor garden? If its for a garden, then get a y splitter and 2 garden hoses. Attach the y splitter to an outdoor hose faucet and the hoses to the outtakes of the y. One hose will lead to the tank and the other to the garden. Start with the valve connected to the tank hose open and the valve leading to the garden hose open. Turn on the faucet for a second or two to start the suction. Turn off the faucet and open the valve leading to the garden hose. The water will be siphoned straight from the tank to the garden.


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