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20 Gal Pea Puffer Tank

Stacy Z

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They seem to be happy with the setup. They are still very little but big enough to sex. I have 2 males that still give each some back and forth. 1 has chosen  to circle the Bulbous part of the Tree and literally circles around it as the rest school, other male included. If he see the other male chase is on. Going to add little tiny sticks like vines around the tree so he can Mean Mug the other Male but not be able to swim towards him. Lol He’s Definitely the Big Papa Pea up in there! Otherwise they are all over together and alone. They also like the 60 GPH flow way in the back for fun sometimes. It’s very slow…but they love it. I have 6 Females and 2 Males it fun to watch them shoal because sometimes the leader will stop to explore something and it looks like bumper car and god forbid they touch one another because that splits the shoal. They’re very entertaining. 

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