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Ich or something else?


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I have a planted community 55 gl tank and woke up this morning to find my black rams have what appears to be ich on them. I didn't notice anything on him yesterday, but its possible i may have just overlooked it. None of the other fish appear to have it at the moment. They are eating, swimming and acting fine other than the white spots. I've added a picture and water parameters below.


Treatment i've done since this morning is gradually raised temp from 78 up to 80, trying to get to 82 if possible (hillstream loach will not send me a Xmas card for this). Add 1 tablespoon salt per 10 gallons to avoid wiping out my plants and does IchX. Let me know if you think there is something else i can try or if you think this is something other than ich.

Water Parameters:20211021_153625.jpg.c945ad9c05aab7e553ac6b1796b6838b.jpg20211021_153633.jpg.6f41cbb8a919ecdfaade2c584b084838.jpg20211021_153638.jpg.6c8a4b935c7495b9176e0b5250bf8ec7.jpg20211021_153717.jpg.4efd798de40232a880c8e78477a7f77d.jpg

PH: 7.0 - 7.2

Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 20

TDS: 225

I can get exact GH and KH if it will help 

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Definitely looks like ich. A fungus would probably be a bit more fuzzy. TDS and stuff shouldn’t matter too much. I’d just continue with treatment. One thing I’ve learned is don’t over stress. Just do the treatment and definitely don’t do too much because you’ll drive yourself crazy. If it’s not gone after ich treatment maybe treat for fungus?

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@Colu i was thinking this might be the other option. I have mixed up some Kannaplex with Hikari tropical micro wafers to feed them and they are happy to eat it. I also have Fritz Maracyn that i could use with Ich X. Is this overkill or a good idea? finally, i have UV cleanser that i could drop in the tank as well if that would help. Not sure if that would do anything, but its available. 

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