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Red Plants for Fluval Flex 15

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I wanted to mention there are some less common crypts that are red. They aren't too common which is a pity (maybe one day aquarium coop will offer a few); but they can be found if you look. A couple include: 

crypt Jacobensii pink -> a lovely but very slow growing crypt

Crypt Sprialis 'Red' -> another lovely plant and again slow growing very different than the jacobensii 

There are others but the above is a starting point. Another less rare bulb plant is:

Barclaya longifolia though this one can be a bit tricky to get it to grow it has a lovely shade.

A smaller sword plant  (again not too common) is kleiner prinz sword (not to be confused with a totally different different plant kleiner bar sword). This can be quite common at time but again a bit of searching. It is a bit more reddish than purple-aflame which is very purple (and is much harder to grow).

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On 10/21/2021 at 9:48 AM, Patrick_G said:

Red Tiger Lotus is one of my favorites. It’s a bulb plant so it does well in most conditions. Just plant the bulb halfway into the substrate and watch it grow! Here are two that were planted at the same time and received the same amount of trimming. I have no idea why one is so big.25370280-6178-468D-80E4-4ACC30DCDA90.jpeg.c94144c814d741341d6dfe55c7d31306.jpeg

I just got one of those because I love the look of this tank! They are so intense red and beautiful. I hope it does well and I don't end up killing it!

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