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Discus tank issues.... again....


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I feel all I do is chase issues in my discus tank.  I do large water changes and the parameters are great, 0 - 0 - 05.  Temp is 86.  I have one that ate in the med tank after purchase and has not been aggressive towards food in the main tank,  My off color couple decided not to eat tonight.  Odd for them as they are the alphas of the tank.  No Discus has clamped fins, none are swimming facing down.  when I vac the tank which I do daily, no white poop and I have not seen white poop from anyone.  

I just finished recovering from a bacteria outbreak which played hell on my BB.  No changes in food or anything.

I would LOVE to get to a place where a great tank day isn't just a single point in a month and the rest of the time I'm treating from some issue or another.  The claim Discus are not for beginner isn't that they are difficult as a fish but all the issue you wind up as they are not really that hardy.  

Its a heavily planted tank.  Oh wait , I added some plants.  I can't imagine that would cause and fish issues.

I'm in it to win it.  Not giving up on these guys are I care about each and every one of them.  Just frustrating to have to always chase one issue or another.  

Perhaps tomorrow they will all eat as expected.  Who knows.....

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It can be really frustrating when tanks just don't seem to line out. But, I find that a lot of the time, all we need to do it step back and let everything settle. Every time you try to fix things and make changes you're adding stress to the fish, and to the ecosystem in the tank. That includes planting new plants, moving stuff around, messing with lighting, just about anything. For an established fish population, it's no big deal. For a species of fish that's known to be shy and finnicky, I would say you may just need to give them some time without any changes.

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