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Large cherry shrimp die off


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Hello all, just checked my tank and I saw about 6-7 dead cherry shrimp.  I’ve had this colony for about 2-3 years now. I added 10 more within the past month to add a little extra to the gene pool plus 10 Amano shrimp to eat some of the black beard algae in my tank. No idea what caused this die off. Everything else in the tank seems fine including the rest of the colony. 

  • pH-7
  • Nitrates-10
  • Hardness-300
  • Nitrite-0
  • Ammonia-0
  • KH/Buffer-80
  • Water Temperature-80F



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Shrimp can carry disease that could have spread to your existing colony you can use Sera baktopur direct tables active ingredient is nifurpirinol to treat bacterial infections in shrimp in future I would Qarantine shrimp just incase they start to show any symptoms of disease for 6-8 weeks before adding them to your tank you don't have to medicate them just monitor for sign's of disease

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Just wondering if a bunch aged out at once since this colony has been around a long time? Curious about keeping them at 80 degrees - everything I've read on neocaradina would suggest lower temps, like 60s/low 70s. Higher temps increase metabolism = shorten lifespan. Or perhaps I misunderstood and these are caradina? 

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