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Toothpick fish with bloat?


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What would you guys do about a toothpick fish experiencing bloat?  Can't feed him peas...they only eat live foods.  I guess I may have overfed him baby brine shrimp?  I'm not sure.  I have two of them and about 15 chili rasboras in a 7-gallon tank planted tank. Temperature: 71 F.

Test parameters using Aq Coop's strips:

  • pH 6.4-6.8
  • Nitrite 0 ppm, Ammonia: 0 ppm, Chlorine 0 ppm 
  • Nitrate 0 ppm (I have a lot of red root floaters in the tank)
  • GH: 150-200 ppm
  • KH: 0 ppm (it's actually probably 20-30 ppm, which is the KH of my tap water, but I have a buffering aquarium soil)



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Definitely!  I was trying to find the other one for comparison, but he's currently hiding.

Here's the one I think is unwell.  His scales (if they have scales?) used to lay flat and since two days they are puffy like this.😞



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Could be dropsy or constipation or over eating have you see it pass anything resently if it is dropsy I would recommend treating with aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 1 gallon it help reduce the fluid buildup and kanaplex for constipation the recommended treatment is Epsom salt baths 1 table spoon for 2 gallons epsom salt acts as a muscle relaxants am not that familiar with this species of fish so I don't no how salt tolerant they are 

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Thank you.  Unfortunately I just went to check on him and he has died.  

I found the other one and took pictures of him.  Do you have any thoughts on his health?  Should I treat him anyway? I think Aquarium Coop doesn't have Kanaplex but I have epsom salts. I just need to buy another tank because all my tanks have a ton of live plants and I don't have a quarantine tank.

I think I will consider now getting out of the aquarium hobby.  The crossband chocolate gourami you helped with is also dying - due to an unexpected cold snap in my area which dropped the tank temperature 12 degrees overnight. Now they have a heater, but that one is just laying there dying and it's torturing me and another one is looking bad so I know that one will die too.  Now my toothpick fish died. Two of my halfbeaks jumped out when I accidentally left their cover off after a water change. Both died. Too much death.  Not to sound morbid, but I've watched both my parents die, and other family members, and countless dogs of old age in my lifetime.  Too much death.  And all of it is my fault.  😞 Clearly I'm really bad at this and I'm just basically a murderer. I should try to keep all my remaining fish alive and find them the best homes possible, with someone who doesn't kill fish.




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Every one feels like this at some point it's doesn't matter what you keep something will always die no matter how well you look after your animals my cat of 27 year died last year I no I give him I good life that what you should be thinking about that they had a good life while they were with you not many fish or animals live as long as we do it's one of  lives lesson you learn from it  I was just looking picture of health crocodile toothpick fish to compare it to and yours looks fine if you only feeding them brine shrimp you could try and varying they diet with Daphne and micro worms or vinegar eels with your chocolate gourami's with temperature shock it very difficult for a fish to come back  there's a small chance they will recover you come add a small amount of aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 5 it will help with gill function and add essential electrolytes to help reduce stress in your fish @Jess

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