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I was unexpectedly gifted a bunch of plants.  I don't know what most of them are, and the person who gave them to me doesn't know what any of them are.  I know I have an Anubias - a big one - and one of those banana plants.  I'm pretty sure one is a sword plant, and there's a bunch of moss.  Everything else is a big question mark.

I don't know whether to be thrilled about this or not, as I have a Co-op order on its way.  Well, I said I wanted heavily planted, looks like I'm going to get just that.  I need to remember to leave space for my sponge filter.

What do I do with big handful of moss?

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You all have such great ideas - thank you!

I think I'll put a bit of moss into my tank, but if I were to put it all in, there wouldn't be room for plants.  I do have a largish terrarium-type vase that currently holds tiny balls of leftover yarn.  That might work for keeping plants or for shrimp.  I do have to admit that the pail does nothing for anything I was given.

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