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Distressed plant

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Hi. I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on the plant, Anubius Golden (?), pictured in the attached. The plant has been doing well for about a year. Around 1 month ago, some of the green leaves turned to yellow and quickly turned brown, and then detached. This has become worse. I've put down root tabs and squirt in Easy Green and Easy Iron. The nitrate is approximately 30. The light is on from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The white dots on the plant could eggs, and if so, could be nerite, corydora or otocinclus, I'm not sure. But they've been there for several weeks. Could the eggs be injuring the rhyzomes? Other plants in the aquarium are doing okay. Any advice on this would be appreciated. Thanks. 

Anubias Golden distress.jpg


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I’m not a deficiency expert but the leaves that are yellowing should be removed at the rhizome and any part of the rhizome that is squishy or soft should also be removed. This will allow the plants to focus on keeping healthy growth healthy and hopefully allow new growth.  The eggs would not cause this. Anubias rhizomes sometimes suffer from rot and cutting it away sometimes impedes the rot spread. 

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Those look like Nerite eggs and shouldn’t cause a problem but that IS the most eggs I’ve ever seen on a rhizome.  I suppose they could be kind of smothering it a bit as if it was buried.

Those healthier leaves look very dark green for a ‘Golden’ variety and that can be a sign of the plant not getting enough light.  Most plants will produce more chlorophyll trying to keep themselves “fed” in response to lower light levels.  My ‘Golden’ is more gold when it gets more light.

Can you move your Anubias closer to the light source?  Anubias also does better with plenty of water flow.  It tends to reduce algae on them when they’re getting more light.  Moving it up will also reduce the nerites laying eggs all over the rhizome.

Also all the things @Guppysnailsaid about trimming.

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Dear Odd Duck, Guppysnail, and Streetwise: thanks for the advice

Anubias update-

a) "un-planted" the anubias and checked the rhizome for softness. The rhizome was firm throughout (to my pleasant surprise).

b) removed yellow leaves- actually the leaves easily fell off

c) replanted in area of tank that will allow additional light

d) increased outflow of hang-on-back-filter

e) placed root tabs- 1 on each side of the plant, and added a squirt of Easy Green and Easy Iron

As one can see from the attached, there are still a lot of eggs on the rhizome. Gently attempted to remove eggs but they were firmly adhered, Stopped because didn't want to risk injuring rhizome.

Should more of the root be buried in the substrate?

Any more thoughts? Still seems like a mystery. 

Thanks much.



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