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Guppy strains: largest to smallest?


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Does anyone know which strains of guppies are the largest? Or is there a list somewhere of which size each variety is compared to each other? Googling has not been helpful so far.

Today I saw some guppies labeled "Female Guppy" that were easily twice the size of my largest female and look like whales compared to my males. I'm wondering what kind/s they might be, but also just what the full size range is for common varieties of guppy. The ones I already have (moscows, ginga sulphureus) are small or medium varieties compared to these gals.


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I don’t know what strains.  Mine were all bought different colors from different locations all had type names but I didn’t pay enough attention to remember because I wanted to make strong mixed guppies.  The girls I bought maxed out at 2.25-2.5 inches nose tip to tail tip. The boys 1.75-2. Girls born to them in my tanks are 2.75-3 inches. These are the first boys I kept 5 months old already 2.25 inches. 
the one batch of girls I kept 6 the lfs has the sisters in their plant tank as store pets. The girls I kept 2.75-3 sisters at lfs 2-2.5 which is only slightly larger than when I took them. They are fed well but only 1x in the morning to include frozen blood worms 1x/wk. I feed mine small amounts several times a day until adult then 2 small meals a day and what they steal from corydora and snails. 
so all the girls born to me of all colors from small parents I bought reach 2.75-3 boys we will see but already bigger than dad. My theory is it’s diet mainly that influences size. The lfs also has a higher flow causing them to burn more calories I imagine so that may also influence. 
im sure some strains may be genetically predisposed to smaller/larger size though which was your actual question that I don’t know the answer to. I just thought this info may also be pertinent to your question. 



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@Guppysnail, thank you. Compared to your big beauties, I guess my new "whales" are not that large--the biggest is 2 inches. Compared to my tiny Ginga Sulphureus and Endler hybrid females, she is a giantess.

@Dwayne Brown, Ah, thank you, I did not know that Pandas were that small. I guess I've only seen them on screen and they do look short-bodied and plump. 

@s1_--my Gingas are tiny, too. I was thinking about putting one of my Ginga males in with the giant light colored females I bought today, and a tiny blue sword male with the giant blue-tailed females. IF the females survive QT. My stats on fish store guppies surviving QT are terrible (all my fish from breeders have sailed through), and these had bites taken out of their tails by aggressive/inappropriate tank mates at the store to start with, so...I'm not counting my mutt guppy breeders until we see how QT goes.

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