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Baby bichirs


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Visited a different lfs today and it had very young (approx 2") ornate and I think barred bichirs gosh they are cute when they are small. The ornate was curled into a plant and reminded me of the luck dragon in "the never ending story" . 

Thank the internet I know they grow but still I found myself wondering how long before they are a problem.

So ever got caught out by a cute impulse buy?

And isn't it strange how lfs can differ in stock choices I never see potential giants in my normal store but this had a selection admittedly all in their cutest stage.

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I guess I'm more calculated than some so the patience game isn't that hard for me. I enjoy researching potential fish friends. LFS sometimes spark that inspiration but I've gone home several times with a name or two and scrapped the idea because of some sort of incompatability with other fish, water or etc. Not to say I have not been tempted, and it definitely takes a lot of self control- especially when you think if you you don't get it/them now they won't be there if you came back!!

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If you like bichirs, and want a smaller size, senegals don't get too huge; the males get around 8 or 9 inches, and the females can reach a foot. The albinos stay even smaller most of the time. Mine is about 6 inches so far. 

They're still predators, and will catch and eat smaller fish. 


And as for growth rate, in my experience they can grow pretty fast. My big boy was 8 inches within 6 months. I'd imagine it's the same sort of growth rate for the bigger species, only with a bigger size ratio. 

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