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Any advice for a first time fish grandma?


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My gaara rufas had a baby! Well, maybe more than one, but I can only see one at a time hanging out. 

Tons of questions running through my mind, but mainly, "Now what"? 

This is so exciting and at the same time reaffirming since I'm new to gaara rufas and I know that fish don't breed unless they're happy. 

Would love for experienced fish keepers to weigh in with advice for keeping this little guy alive and thriving. 

Was thinking about making a breeder box for when this guy is a bit bigger so the goldfish don't eat him. Right now he's successfully hiding on a decorative bubbler designed to look like coral or rock. Lots of hidey holes. 

No pictures posted because he's so small and translucent. 


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It wasn't long after I posted that I couldn't find him again. Haven't seen him all day. I'm thinking he was breakfast for somebody. Aw. But hey, I know now that the gaara rufas are happy. I'm going to follow your lead and have a breeder box on hand so next time I can move them as soon I see them. Thanks for weighing in and the advice. 

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