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What type of Algae is this?

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This algae has started growing in two of my tanks. And I have no idea what type it is. One tank is my betta tank that has a betta and cherry shrimp. While the other is a 16 gallon community tank with a betta, ember tetras, ottos and kuhlis. And if you know what it is? How can I treat it? I already plan on reducing my light starting tomorrow.


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That is staghorn algae. Amano shrimp will nibble at it, but a more effective way to remove it is to pull it off with a toothbrush or with your hands. In the long term, algaes are caused by an imbalance of light and nutrients. Judging by the fact that your algae appears to be growing towards the top of the tank, I would say that there is to much light there, and that is why the algae is growing. 

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