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Never scavenge parts from your quarantine tank


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I forgot to pick up an air stone when buying materials for the shrimp tank.   Since the shrimp were moving out of my little quarantine tank, I used the air stone from that sponge filter and got on with it  Unfortunately, I kept forgetting to buy one during subsequent trips to the Co-op.  Which brings us to tonight's bedtime story:

If you scavenge an air stone from your quarantine tank,

one of your fish will get sick.

When you try to set up the quarantine tank,

you'll probably need a sponge filter.

When you realize you don't have an air stone (for the filter)

you'll dig through all your old supplies.

When you pull out that old HOB,

you'll realize you don't have any cartridges.

When you look for some course sponge (to cobble something together),

you'll realize that your husband threw it away. 

When you go back to the drawing board,

you'll pull out a random cartridge (for a filter you might not own anymore).

When you realize that it's way too big,

you'll get out the scissors and chop it up, ditch the carbon and fold it up to go inside the filter.

The End

The shrimp tank with the coveted air stone: (Yes, I know that the top of the filter popped off.  It must have happened when I was moving cords to free up a few outlets.)





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Ah, ForestJenn, that is a book I read to my kids many times...Thanks for the cautionary laughs.

Mine would go like this:

If your kid "stores" (abandons) a too small 10g snake terrarium in YOUR bedroom closet...

You will want to fill it with fish.

Filling it with fish will mean you need substrate.

Substrate will mean you need plants.

Plants will mean you need a light.

Then the kid will see the tank looking cool, and decide they want it back so that they can have a betta.

This means You will need to buy them another (nicer, rimless) 10g

They will enjoy the betta SOOO much that they will insist on needing a second tank, for a second betta.

Not fooled twice, you will offer them their tank back instead of buying them the nicer tank.

But then You will need a 20g tank.

Which you will want to fill with fish.

Filling it with fish will mean you need substrate.

Substrate will mean you need plants.

Plants will mean you need a light....

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