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Do fish bruise?


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I purchased two Lemon Blue Eye bristlenose from Petco this weekend. One was stuck to the glass and looked fat and happy. The other appeared to be hiding in a piece of décor. When we went to catch it, it was clear that the fish was actually stuck in the décor. The store worker pushed the fish backwards out of the hole, caught it and I took it home.

That same fish now has a dark patch on its side in the same area where it would have been stuck. Do fish bruise? It certainly looks like a bruise.

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Yes, they can.  Monitor closely since it could also be other, more serious things.  If it’s just a bruise, it should start clearing in a few days.  It often won’t be visible on darker skinned fish, but lighter colored fish are more likely to show any bruising.

Edit to say “should” not “could” and expand a bit.

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