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Assassin Snails vs Pond Snails?


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Hi all, I know we have a lot of people on this forum that care a lot about their pond snails. I have been wanting to rid one of my tanks of them. I don't want to use chemicals and have recently been wondering: Can you use Assassin Snails to control pond snail numbers? I couldn't find anyone online talking about this, so I am just curious on others thoughts! Isn't the main problem of this question that the Assassin snails will then overpopulate? Is a better way to solve this problem getting some dwarf chain loaches? If you have experience with Assassin Snails or dwarf chain loaches please leave a comment below!

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I have assassin snails and they do clean up "pest" snails, though I think I have Ramshorn and bladder snails. I assume they would eat any similar sized snail.

Though individuals may have varying appetites based on my two. They need a mate to breed, and even then they're not known to get out of control. They breed relatively slowly creating small individual square shaped egg cases, usually low down on plants or rocks. I haven't actually kept track of any eggs I've witnessed, if they make it to hatch they will be tiny and disappear in the substrate, and they would have to find a suitable food source. Idk what baby assassins eat.

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